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Managed Services
Network and Data Security

 We take charge of all network, Server and Workstation maintenance and file backup and disk imaging.

Our mutual goal is clear :    

High security, high availability and fast Disaster Recovery!

We prepare. We build hospitals and fire stations, because we can't prevent all accidents or illnesses.

Same is true with IT.
We can only implement so much cyber security with Internet connected,
human operated computers, but we can be prepared in case of an emergency.

We use technologies like disk imaging, remote backups and even cloning of important servers.

  Managed Services from Aspen Hi Tech are cost effective, faster, easier and fully transparent to PC users.

Please don't get caught by cyber criminals!


  IT Consulting   IT concepts and effective IT implementations, network build
  Managed Services  Regular BACKUP &  Server/PC maintenance
  Support on Demand  Remote and On-site computer & network services
  Remote Support  Instant support when you need it, no waiting for the IT guy........

 Please call (970) 925 1322  to discuss your project and receive a quick quote.  



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