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Web Design Services

This is what we provide:

    Internet research and Web site comparisons so that you can determine what can be done in order to keep pace with
competitors and the technology they are using.
    Web site design, configuration, hosting and promotion.

   Web site maintenance and updating services including hit statistics, information gathering and forwarding and data security.

   High availability Web Servers and management services.


 Web Site Production

 Small Budget Web Site Package
 Informational Web Site  (6 pages with contact page (Email))                      $590.00
 Includes domain registration, 3 mo. hosting and server
 setup fee   (maximum 15 hours design time)    

 Standard Web Site Package
 Complete Web Site   (8-12 pages with contact page (Email))                      $1,690.00
 Includes domain name registration, 3 mo. hosting and server 
 setup fee         (Maximum 30 hours design time)  

Design and Programming only     $ 75.00/hr



As low as $300 per year with work scope information.

Individual Hours : 
$75.00 per hour plus expenses    
($60.00 per hour with 10 hour blocks)




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