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Get a refurbished Laptop PC for a great deal with warranty, only 3 left.



Laptop Liquidation

All Laptops feature a clean installation of XP , Office 2003 and other software.


1)    HP Pavilion  dv-4000, refurbished          (30 days warranty)               $250
Intel Processor 1.73 GHz, 512 MB RAM,  new 120GB HD, DVD R/W ! , 
WiFi, Win XP Home SP3 in separate system partition plus 90GB data,
15" widescreen, MS Office 2003.  Small green line on LCD.
Good battery.


2)    DELL  Inspiron 4100                           (30 days warranty)                 $180
Intel Processor 1.1 GHz, 512 MB RAM,  30GB HD,  CD,  WiFi,
WinXP Pro SP3 in separate system partition plus 18GB data
MS Office 2003, new battery


3)    Sony VAIO  PCG-19                           (30 days warranty)                     $120

A great, old, slow, cheap laptop. It works fine, but is really slow. 
It even has a CD writer !!    Win XPPro, 20GB, 256MB Ram,

Ask us about our DELL Desktops for your business or home office.

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